Specialty Facials

These facials are designed to focus on specific skin concerns. Non-invasive and safe for all skin types, these facials are a perfect addition to your monthly skincare regimen based on your skin care needs!


Clear Skin Facial

Are you experiencing acne break-outs? This facial incorporates botanicals like Sage, Eucalyptus and Teatree known to help fight against acne, Enzyme Peel with Steam, Extractions, High Frequency (Argon Gas) to kill bacteria on the spot and minimize redness. This facial ends with an Aloe mask and soothing Blue LED (Light Emitting Diode) Photo Therapy to oxygenate your skin cells, kill bacteria and balance pH. 

radio frequency skin tightening tripolar

3x Tightening Facial

A powerful combination of 3 technologies that specifically focus on tightening skin to improve the signs of elasticity loss, boost cell turn over and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the Dermal layer. With this mega-facial you will experience an enzyme mask with steam incorporating Red LED PhotoDynamic Therapy, focused High Frequency (Neon Gas) and Tri-Polar Radio Frequency with Red Light Therapy. Get all the skin tightening benefits without the recovery time!


The Ultimate Facial

Begin with Diamond Microdermabrasion, a hypoallergenic treatment safe for all skin types, that resurfaces skin by removing the epidermal layer (dead skin cells) and blackheads, while helping to create a more even complexion and improve skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles. An Enzyme mask paired with steam prepares pores for Ultrasonic Scrubbing to clear congestion. Finish with Red LED (Light Emitting Diode) Photo Therapy to promote skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.