If you're thinking, 

"I'm an adult, so why am I still getting acne? When will it stop?" or "I've never had to deal with acne as a teenager - Now I'm experiencing breakouts and blemishes. What's going on with my skin?"

Here are a few things you should know abou...

Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, has quickly proven to be a top choice procedure in the world of advanced aesthetics for its remarkable results through harnessing the body's own healing powers. Below are the top 4 benefits of Microneedling:...

Laser Hair Removal is a continually growing industry with more and more people seeking a permanent solution to ridding themselves of unwanted hair. The ideal candidate for treatment has fair skin and dark hair. The reason for this is the laser targets anything with dar...

If you've ever had a laser treatment and have heard your medical professional mention settings, he or she is referring to the intensity parameters specific to your skin type and particular treatment (Laser Hair Removal, Photo Facial / Photo Rejuvenation, Veins). Many p...

If you've had enough of irritating razor bumps, messy and painful waxing and endless tweezing and have been considering Laser Hair Removal as an option, you're not alone. Laser Hair Removal has become a highly popular medical procedure and with that being said, there a...

What's that fancy new word buzzing around town and in the news, "Microneedling" and what does it do? A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, Microneedling quickly became the top new treatment of 2015, sought after by socialites and A-list celebrities due to the amazin...

At Renew Laser & Aesthetics, we use the Diamond Microdermabrasion - Any person of any age and any skin tone can benefit from this treatment. The treatment takes 30 minutes and the results are remarkable after just one treatment. After the procedure, the patient can exp...

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How Laser Hair Removal Actually Works

July 13, 2016

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