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Renew Laser & Aesthetics 

9910 Alternate A1A, Suite 10

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

(561) 255-0272

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Mon.- Fri.    9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Saturday     9:30 AM - 12 PM

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*By appointment only.


Photo Facials are an effective way to treat:

  • sun spots / age spots

  • stimulate collagen production

  • promote skin tightening

  • resurface acne scarring

  • destroy bacteria-causing acne

  • soften the appearance of wrinkles



How many treatments will I need? Results can be seen typically in about 3 to 4 treatments depending upon each individual's needs and their skin type. The treatment is non-invasive and there is typically little to no downtime. Mineral-based make-up can be used 24 hours after your treatment. Remember, our skin is always aging so a true laser Photo Rejuvenation is ideal for maintaining a clear and youthful appearance.

For optimal results, this treatment is often paired with a Microdermabrasion which is recommended a week prior to beginning your Photo Rejuvenation session as a preparatory treatment. Microdermabrasion treatments resurface skin by removing the stratum corneum (dead skin) layers, thus making your Photo Facial even more effective.

Would you like to begin Diamond Microdermabrasion and start seeing instantly polished, brighter, softer skin? 

Send a message including the best day and time to reach you to schedule an appointment.