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PHOTO REJUVENATION | Pigmentation Reduction

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Are you interested in Photo Rejuvenation for a more balanced complexion?
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Photo Rejuvenation is an effective way to:

  • Remove / Reduce appearance of Sun Spots / Age Spots (Solar Lentigines)

  • Stimulate collagen production

  • Promote skin tightening

  • Destroy bacteria-causing acne

  • Soften the appearance of wrinkles 



How many treatments will I need? When treating Sun Spots with laser, results can be typically seen with just one treatment, however in some cases re-treatment may be necessary.

How do I prepare for my treatment? 

Avoid Retin-A or retinols 3-5 days prior to treatment. If taking photo-sensitive medication such as antibiotics, you must wait two (2) weeks from the day of your last dosage to receive treatment. Avoid sun exposure for 10-14 days pre/post treatment.


For optimal results, this treatment is often paired with a Microdermabrasion which is recommended a week prior to beginning your Photo Rejuvenation session as a preparatory treatment. Microdermabrasion treatments resurface skin by removing the stratum corneum (dead skin) layers, thus making your Photo Rejuvenation even more effective.

What can I expect after my treatment?

Post treatment, the targeted spots on the face will darken up and fall away within about a week. Treated spots on other parts of the body may take a little longer. During this time, keep the area clean, cool and dry (meaning use tepid to cool water when cleansing the area, do not add heat to the area, avoid introducing bacteria in the area and pat area dry gently after bathing. Avoid scrubbing or picking at the skin and allow any crusting to fall away naturally. It is equally important to apply a daily sunscreen and avoid sun exposure. Mineral-based make-up can be used 24 hours after your treatment.

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