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Ultrasonic Cavitation+RF

Blast fat cells: Quick, Painless, No Scarring and No Down-Time!

Are you dieting, exercising and living a healthy lifestyle but struggle with areas of stubborn fat? Ultrasonic Cavitation paired with RF (Radio Frequency) is a fantastic accelerator to help boost your results! 

How does it work? This revolutionary Ultrasound technology is passed over the target area creating pressure in the fat cells. This pressure causes fat cells to break down into smaller particles making it easier for the body to metabolize through the liver working with the body’s natural detoxification processes (mainly sweat and urination).

This painless procedure is a 2-step process and takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on the specific area. The first step involves the Ultrasonic Cavitation which helps to breakdown fat cells. The second step to this procedure helps to tighten skin's elastin fibers through a thermal energy called Radio Frequency. This second step is relaxing and feels warm, similar to the feeling of a hot stone massage.

Although results vary with each individual, patients may notice skin tightening and toning after just one session. Patients are advised to have up to 12 sessions with twice-weekly intervals and won’t need to go back for more if a healthy lifestyle is then maintained.

Cavitation Lipo is one of the most advanced and efficient body fat-reduction systems in the world and drastically more affordable than surgical liposuction.

The ideal candidate... will have and maintain a healthy lifestyle as this procedure is primarily used for people who are finding it hard to shift those last few pounds after significant weight loss, as opposed to those suffering from obesity.

Ultrasonic Cavitation seems like a winning formula, but it cannot be stressed enough that this is not a quick fix. The treatment may well reduce fat cells and improve the overall look of the skin, yet it needs to be approached with the right mindset.

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