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Quickly, safely and permanently say Good-Bye to unwanted hair and feel confident in your own skin!

Most everyone experiences unwanted hair. Time spent shaving, waxing and tweezing are all temporary methods of hair removal - meaning hair just returns in a matter of days or weeks. 

The Candela GentleLASE medical True Laser permanently reduces unwanted hair growth with each session. Treatments are quick, safe and effective with minimal to no discomfort - unlike any other laser hair removal device due to it's patented cooling system.
Before starting your initial Laser Hair Removal session you'll be assessed during an in-office consultation to assess the area(s) of concern. We'll determine pricing and see whether Laser Hair Removal can benefit you.
At Renew Laser & Aesthetics, you are not charged a costly upfront package. You simply pay per session.
At Renew Laser & Aesthetics, you are provided professional one-on-one care from start to finish with Ashley Serveta, Licensed & Certified Medical Electrologist, Laser Safety Officer and Owner. Ashley uses top of the line medical equipment that she routinely maintains to ensure optimal results and safety. From making an appointment, to performing your service and answering any of your questions, Ashley believes in making herself directly available to her patients, always. Click here to learn more about Ashley

Ready to start Laser Hair Removal? 
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Laser Hair Removal rates are determined upon initial consultation. It is advised that patients follow a scheduled treatment plan for optimal results in permanent hair reduction.

*Missed appointments or cancellations without at least 24 hours notice are charged in full. 

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