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Quick. Safe. Comfortable. Results.
Reduce unwanted hair using the industry's most trusted Medical Hair Removal True-Laser

The ideal candidate for Laser Hair Removal

with the Candela Alexandrite Laser:

Dark Hair and Fair to Medium Skin Types (Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Types: 1-4)


The 'Alexandrite' medical Laser is recognized as the only Laser to truly target and destroy unwanted hair due to its specific wavelength of 755 nm. This wavelength targets MELANIN, which is why it is safe for individuals with fair - medium skin types. No laser is able to effectively treat blonde, red, or white hair, however Electrolysis (a medical hair removal method) is the only option for Permanent Hair Removal suitable for ANY hair and skin type.  


Speed, Comfort and Efficacy

Treatments are quick, safe, and effective, with minimal to no discomfort, thanks to Candela's patented Dynamic Cooling Device. Each pulse ensures exceptional comfort with evenly distributed cooling, a feature that sets Candela apart from other lasers on the market. Most body areas can be treated in under 15 minutes making Laser Hair Removal an ideal lunch-time procedure!  


Assessment & Pricing

Before starting Laser Hair Removal, an in-office consultation is required to assess the specified area(s), determine pricing and whether you are a candidate for treatment with the Candela Alexandrite Laser. The consultation also includes details on how the process works, what to expect and Pre & Post Procedure instructions. The consultation is $50 and may go toward the cost of treatment if you are determined to be a candidate for the Candela Alexandrite Laser. With any Alexandrite laser, the ideal candidate will have dark hair and fair to medium skintype. *Because the Alexandrite laser specifically targets melanin, darker skin types are at a high risk for burning and should seek out an Nd: YAG, or "YAG" laser as a safer option. At Renew Laser & Aesthetics, you are not charged a costly upfront package - You simply pay per session. You will receive professional one-on-one care every step of the way with Medical Hair Removal Expert, Ashley Serveta, LE, CME, LSO, FNC, CHHP. Renew Laser & Aesthetics uses top medical equipment that is routinely maintained to ensure optimal results and safety. 

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