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Lash & Brow Tinting

Get darker, fuller, longer-looking Lashes and Eyebrows in 20 minutes!

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By eliminating the need for mascara, Lash tinting is the perfect solution for athletes, contact lens wearers and teary-eyed occasions!

Tinting darkens smaller, barely visible lashes and brows filling your natural lash line or eyebrow line for a fuller, more dramatic look.


This gentle plant-based dye is carefully applied to the lashes and/or brows and in just 15 minutes, your lash and brow tint can last from 4 to 6 weeks!

To maintain the darkest fullest look, lash tinting should be repeated every 4 weeks.​

Will tinting my eyelashes be painful?  The treatment should be virtual painless. If the dye gets into your eye it can cause your eyes to be irritated and/or sting slightly, but this will not last long after it is rinsed with water. The dye is made of vegetable dye and is completely safe, however Eyelash tinting may not be for everyone, as some people have extremely sensitive skin or are allergic to color additives or hair dye.